With Alberto Morigi , Davide Cortellini , Massimiliano Rochetta , Daniele Gabellini , Luca Piccari, Organized by CSI-Centro Sportivo Italiano and A.S.D. Series curated by Luciano Violante Participants: Andrea Crociani, General Manager of oBike Global Italy; Andrea Dellabianca, CEO of Notess; Andrea Leverano, Managing Director of DriveNow Italy Srl; Alberto Viano, Finance Director of LeasePlan Italy. THE ARTISTIC GENIUS, THE KING’S SPEECH. Introduced by Marco Bersanelli, Full Professor of Physics and Astrophysics at the University of Milan. Participants: Aldo Bonomo, Researcher at the National Institute of Astrophysics, Astrophysics Observatory, Turin; Antonino Lanza, Astronomer at the National Institute of Astrophysics, Astrophysics Observatory, Catania. Introduced by Domenico Lombardi, President of the Associazione Bancaria Sammarinese CEO and COO of Banca di San Marino SpA. Participants: Radwan Khawatmi, Member of the Board of Directors of Aga Khan Museum Foundation – AKM; Mario Mauro, Centro Studi Meseuro; Gian Micalessin, Journalist. Introduced by Andrea Simoncini, Full Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Florence. Music by Marcello Franzoso, published by Immaginazione srl. Introduced by Giorgio Paolucci, Journalist. Participant: Mauro Prina, Director of Thermal Dynamics at SpaceX. Italian bureaucracy between legal obligations, political loyalty and innovation to the common good, ADAPTATION. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Jennifer McGuire Ink Recommended for you. Participant Pierluigi Bartolomei, Headmaster of the Professional School ELIS. PALLIATIVE CARE: TO TREAT THE PAIN OR THE SUFFERING PERSON? Weiler, University Professor at NYU Law School and Senior Fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University. Corposamente, S. Andrea Social Center (RSM), MSP San Marino and MSP Italia, Organized by the Rimini Bridge Association. Participants: Alessandro Mele, Director of Cometa; Carolina Pozzi, Training Manager of Kasanova. WORKING, LIVING AND BELIEVING TOGETHER, ONE YEAR OF MEETINGS. Christophe Pierre, Archbishop, Apostolic Nuncio to The United States of America. Presentation and screening of the film by Ziad Doueiri with Adel Karam, Rita Hayek, Kamel El Basha, Christine Choueiri, Camille Salameh (2017). Participants: Diego Piacentini, Italian Government Commissioner for the Digital Agenda; Luciano Violante, Emeritus President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Introduced by Massimo Bernardini, Television presenter and Journalist. Participants: Gerard Albertengo, CEO&Founder Bringme Srl; Alessandra Duz, PhD student in Automation and Control at the Politecnico of Milan; Vittorio Muratore, Founder and CEO of MiMoto; Emiliano Saurin, Founder and developer of URBI. Participants: Luisa Leoni Bassani, Neuropsychiatrist of adolescence; Luca Sommacal, Chief representative of Famiglie per l’Accoglienza, Milan. IS IT STILL POSSIBLE TO SERVE THE PEOPLE? Introduced by Giovanni Gazzoli, Coordinator of the exhibit "Enjoy the Game". 40:01. Introduced by Giorgio Vittadini, President of the Foundation for Subsidiarity. Participants: Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A.; Carlo Linetti, Vice President of Cobo Group. Participants: Anna Ascani, Member of Italian Parliament, PD; Matteo Forte, Member of Milan City Council, Milano Popolare; Augusta Montaruli, Member of Italian Parliament, Fratelli d’Italia; Simone Venturini, Councillor for Social Cohesion, Health planning, Youth politics, Infrastructure, Economic development of the territory, Work and coordination of the municipality, Comune di Venezia. 7th SOCCER TOURNAMENT OF 5 PEOPLE IN MEMORY OF GIUSEPPE FABBRI. Introduced by Giulia Guidi, Student of Literature and Philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan. Curated by the Parliamentary Intergroup for Subsidiarity. Introduced by Antonio Autieri, Journalist and Director of “Sentieri del Cinema” and Claudia Munarin, Student of Literature and Philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan. Participants: Davide Barzi, Writer and Screenwriter (cartoon specialist); Daniele Benecchi, Military Chaplain; Enrico Beruschi, Director and Actor; Eugenio Martani, Clarinetist and Director of the Cantoni Concert; Corrado Medioli, Accordionist. ’68, A VIEW FROM THE EAST. I tell you who I am: discovering what happens around us, THE HUBS OF THE NET. Speakers: Sara Cardin, karateka; Francesca Lollobrigida, Italian speed skater; Andrea Lucchetta, World champion of volleyball; Francesco Marrai, Sailing champion. A Facebook a … Questo sito usa cookie per fornirti un'esperienza migliore. Bravi ragazzi fino al momento in cui, guidando a tarda notte, investono un uomo e decidono di scappare. Participants: Fausto Bertinotti, Former President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies; Emilia Guarnieri, President of the Meeting Foundation for Friendship Amongst Peoples. 1968 AND BEYOND. Participants: Vincenzo Boccia, President of Confindustria; Guido Luigi Canavesi, Professor of Labour Legislation; Annamaria Furlan, Secretary General of CISL. Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot - … Zen Shin Club Italia, Organized by CSI-Italian Sports Center and Pol. Dialogue with Stefano Alberto, Professor of Theology at the Catholic University of Milan and René Roux, Rector of the Faculty of Theology, Lugano University. PEOPLE, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, GUARESCHI: FILMS, COMIC STRIPS, MUSIC AND TALES, SIRIA, PASSIONE CRISTIANA. Introduced by Emmanuele Forlani, Member of the Board of the Meeting for Friendship amongst Peoples. Participants: Massimo Carboniero, President of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE (Italian machine tool manufacturers' association); Nicola D’Erario, Industrial Relationship Manager at Farmindustria. JUSTICE AND LIBERTY SEEMED WITHIN REACH, THE INNOVATION OF THE CORPORATE FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY, WELFARE IS CHANGING. Participants: José Clavería, Rector of the Sacred Heart Foundation in Milan; Pilar Vigil, Professor at the Biological Sciences Faculty of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Director of ”Teen STAR” project. Participants: Giorgio Fanesi, Sole Director of myCicero srl; Alfredo Peri, President of Lepida Spa. Introduced by Felice Achilli, President of Medicina e Persona Association. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Participant: Enzo Moavero Milanesi, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Mons. Introduced by Alberto Bonfanti, Founder and Educational Director at Portofranco Association, Scientific High School "R. Donatelli - B. Pascal" of Milan. Participant: Pier Alberto Bertazzi, Doctor and Professor at the University of Milan, and in 1968 responsible for GS-CL. AT THE ORIGIN OF THE EPOCHAL CHANGE: SOCIETY, RIGHTS AND WORK, RECONSTRUCTION AND THE WAY BACK FOR CHRISTIANS IN QARAQOSH, YOUTH AND EMPLOYMENT: FUTURE AND OPPORTUNITIES. YOUNG PEOPLE AND MOTORCYCLES, THE END OF A LOVE AFFAIR? Participants: Francesco Braschi, President of Russia Cristiana; Adriano Dell'Asta, Professor of Russian Language and Literature at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Brescia and Milan; Annalia Guglielmi, Researcher, Expert of Eastern countries. Introduced by Davide Isgrò, Advisory Board of Move To Meet. Panel discussion with young politicians, “LES MISERABLES”. Participant: H. E. Card. DISCOVERING THE MINDSET OF BERGOGLIO, HOW TO SAVE. Participant Giovanni Legnini, Vice President of the Italian Magistrates’ Internal Board of Supervisors (CSM). Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle, Metropolitan Archbishop of Manila and President of Caritas Internationalis; Philip Jenkins, Historian of Religions, Professor of History at Baylor University. Participants: Francesco Ferri, Founder of InNext; Ezio Fregnan, Training Manager of Comau; Riccardo Porro, Chief Operations Officer of Cariplo Factory. Weiler, University Professor at NYU Law School and Senior Fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University. Pridruži se Facebooku kako bi se povezao/la s Giorgia Carpenzano i drugima koje možda poznaješ. I 29enni Fabio e Damiano arrivano al Festival di Berlino con la storia di Mirko e Manolo, due giovani amici della periferia romana. Introduced by Alberto Sportoletti, CEO and Partner of Sernet Group, Professor of Management and Strategic Choices at the University Bicocca of Milan. President: Sabino Cassese, Former judge of the Constitutional Court of Italy. Participant: Paolo Lembo, Former UN Mission in Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen and former Director of the UN Regional Center for the Development of the Arab Region. DAT – ADVANCED DECISION OF MEDICAL TREATMENTS. Introduced by Tommaso Bellini, Full Professor of Applied Physics at the University of Milan. Introduced by Marco Piuri, Managing Director FNM Group. Introduced by Federico Aliverti, Director of the Motociclismo magazine. Vista Agenzia Televisiva Nazionale 7,495 views. Introduced by: Luís Miguel Poiares Maduro, Director of the Global Governance Programme, Professor of Law at the European University Institute (EUI) and Giorgio Vittadini, President of the Foundation for Subsidiarity. Participants: Tiziano Onesti, President of Trenitalia and Aeroporti di Puglia; Alessio Quaranta, Managing Director of ENAC. Participants: Pino Maddaloni, Judo champion champion; Mara Santangelo, Tennis champion; Marco Mordente, Basketball. Introduced by Francesco Benzoni, Move To Meet Advisory Board. Introduced by Marco Ferrari, Philosophy Teacher at Malpighi High School in Bologna, Creator and Director of the Romanae Disputationes National Philosophy Contest for High Schools. Participant: Dario Edoardo Viganò, Assessor of the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See. Participant Samuele Rizzo, Chief of Party AVSI Foundation, Uganda. 1968 AND BEYOND. A TOWN UNDER SIEGE. Participants: Anita and Martina from L’Imprevisto; Elena K., Elena Z., Irina and Tatjana from La Casa Volante. Participant: Roberto Battiston, President of ASI (Italian Space Agency). Participant Alessandro Morbidelli, Research Director Cote Azur Observatory, Nice. Introduced by Giorgio Vittadini, President of the Foundation for Subsidiarity. Avvocato in Andere (Andere), Italia - indirizzo, numeri di telefono e fax, ore di funzionamento, e-mail, risposte. Participants: Sabino Cassese, Professor of Global Governance at the School of Government, LUISS “Guido Carli” University in Rome; Francesco Occhetta, Journalist and Writer of La Civiltà Cattolica; Bernhard Scholz, President Cdo. Directing of Otello Cenci. Youth teams – middle classes, NORDIC WALKING among the vineyards of the Azienda Agricola Fiammetta Croce Montecolombo (RN), THE INNOVATION OF DOING, THE INNOVATION FOR UNDERSTANDING. 1:10. Participants: Muhammad Bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, Secretary General of the Muslim World League; Khaled Azab, Head Central Projects and Services SectorLibrary of Alexandria; Roberto Fontolan, Director of the International Center of Communion and Liberation; Nicola Renzi, Minister of Foreign and Political Affairs and Justice of the Republic of San Marino.

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