“It is always difficult to say something new about the famous Mozart’s Requiem, but the undisputed evening success is probably due to the energy with which Massimiliano Caldi has faced the work.

It should be immediately underlined that Caldi had a spectacular level choir and a very high-level orchestra that supported him in his intentions and also in the fast that he imposed: there was a high-quality work to offer a show of high level to the public. The conductor’s intentions were, moreover, clear and very well showed with a precise and very incisive gesture that took into account in every instant both the dynamics and the phrasing articulations, a choice that it certainly paid.


Caldi got finesse for nothing obvious: for example the precise coincidence of the rhythm between chorus and orchestra in the Rex tremendae or the extremely accurate dynamics in fugati polyphony, or the phrasing in the sections of the strings, as well as an extraordinary balance of winds and timpani they knew how to emerge powerfully at the right time without becoming overwhelming. A delicate atmosphere accompanied the audience during the evening.


Success crowned out of the program by a delicate Ave verum corpus. “

(Chiara Zocca – The Arena – 03.30.2018)

Source L’ Arena · Date Mar 30, 2018