To increase the prestige of the publication there are high-level performances in which the exact centering of the composers’ very different styles is combined with a truly brilliant technical realization. The cellist Silvia Chiesa dominates every roughness with an ease and a grit that always translate into elegant fluency of phrasing and round beauty of sound dialoguing in perfect balance with a National Symphony RAI Orchestra engaged with the conductor Massimiliano Caldi to capture every nuance of timbre of the scores and their very accurate work is enhanced by the excellent quality of the sound played last October 2017 at the Rai Auditorium in Turin. A CD warmly recommended and worthy of prizes.

(Musica – Giuseppe Rossi – July 2018)


Artistic opinion: Excellent-Exceptional

Three authentic pearls, which once again show that the the music of the Italian twentieth century has nothing to envy compared to the German, Austrian, French and European music in general. Technically difficult and complex concerts, outlined in a close comparison of the cello with the orchestra. Once again, Silvia Chiesa proves to be at ease with works of this kind, faced with passion and lucidity, unfolding a sound that always adheres to the characteristics of each of these concerts, well supported by Massimiliano Caldi and the Symphonic Orchestra of RAI, capable of extricate yourself with highly demanding scores.

Technical judgment: Exceptional

Immediately you can note the energetic and powerful dynamics of the solo instrument and the orchestra. The orchestra puts itself slightly behind at the level of sound space allowing an ideal relationship with the cello. Therefore, it springs from it a tonal balance with the never invasive presence of both (listen to “tutti” with the cello). Even the detail emphasizes a comforting materiality.

(Andrea Bedetti – – July 2018)


The very high artistic and technical level in this all-Italian triptych is reached thanks to the contribution, as well as Silvia Chiesa as a soloist, of the excellent Massimiliano Caldi at the head of the National Symphony Orchestra of the RAI.

( – Alfredo Di Pietro – ottobre 2018)


Le lyrisme spectaculaire de l’ouvrage de Castelnuovo-Tedesco exalte chez Silvia Chiesa son goût naturel pour un jeu expansif, à plein archet, mais elle sait trouver aussi le chant plus serré, l’imaginaire plus populaire qui parcourt l’opus de Malipiero où tout un folklore stylisé impose ses musiques savoureuses qui font souvent penser à celles de Béla Bartók.

Ces deux merveilles auraient suffi à faire un album parfait révélant deux partitions magiques, mais elle y ajoute en coda le Concerto qu’écrivit Riccardo Malipiero (le neveu de Gian Francesco) pour Gaspar Cassadó en 1957, œuvre roide, sévère, qui verse dans une lyrique nocturne étouffante.

Quel album de découvertes mené avec fougue par l’Orchestre Symphonique National de la RAI et Massimiliano Caldi, baguette acérée s’il en est!

( – – 13 agosto 2018)

Source Musica · Date Jul 1, 2018